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Frequently Asked Questions: Installing SnapStone® Porcelain Tile in Bathrooms

How do I cut SnapStone® tile around the toilet flange?

When cutting around the toilet flange, make square "L" cuts to fit tile to flange. Be sure to follow all safety rules.

Do I need to remove the toilet or can I cut around it?

The toilet will need to be removed before installing SnapStone tile. It is important to leave a ¼ expansion joint and fill the area around the flange with silicone caulking before re-setting the toilet.

Do I need to fill in the gap along the edge of the bathtub?

Yes. This should be filled with a quality silicon sealant to guard against water getting under the floor.

I'm installing SnapStone tile in my bathroom. Do I need to fill in the ¼" gap along the perimeter?

Yes. Since a bathroom is a higher moisture area, the perimeter should be filled with a quality silicon caulking to guard against water getting under the floor.

Can I use SnapStone interlocking tile in my shower?

No. For showers, we recommend SnapStone non-interlocking (raw) tile using traditional installation methods and cement-based grout.

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