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Frequently Asked Questions: Marking and Cutting SnapStone® Porcelain Floor Tile

My wet saw is designed for cutting regular ceramic tile. Can I use this to cut SnapStone® porcelain tiles?

Most tile saws designed for cutting ceramic tile will work well with SnapStone Porcelain Tile. However, because SnapStone is a high quality porcelain tile, it is important to use a porcelain tile blade.

The water pump on my wet saw gets clogged easily when cutting the tile. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

The shavings from the tray will clog the pump on a wet saw if the water isn't changed frequently. The best way to combat this is by changing the water in the saw when tray shavings accumulate, approximately every 30-40 cuts. The shavings from the tray will float so you can easily see them.

What type of wet saw works best for cutting SnapStone tile?

Tile saws made by Dewalt,Felker, MK,Target, QEP, Rigid and others perform very well when cutting SnapStone tile. Be sure to use a porcelain tile blade.

What is the best way to cut around a vent?

If more than one tile is involved, you should be able to measure and mark your tiles easily, cutting with an angle grinder or wet saw. If, however, the required cut falls inside a tile and you can't cut from the edges, you must make a "plunge-cut" in the middle of the tile.

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