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Frequently Asked Questions: Grouting & Caulking

Can I use SnapStone Flexible Grout with other tiles?

No. SnapStone Flexible Grout is designed and warranted for use only with the SnpaStone Floating Porcelain Tile System. It is not recommended for other applications.

When I opened the bucket of SnapStone® Flexible Grout, there was some liquid at the top. Is this normal?

Yes. Liquid may be present on the surface of the grout when opened. This is from settling. Use a margin trowel to fold the liquid into grout.

How many square feet will a 9-lb pail of SnapStone Flexible Grout cover?

A 9 lb pail of SnapStone Flexible Grout will cover approximately 50-65 square feet of a 12"x12" SnapStone tile installation. The coverage will be less (as little as 25 sq. ft) when incorporating 6"x6" tiles into the installation, and more (approximately 75 sq. ft) when installing 18" x 18" tile..

Does SnapStone Flexible Grout require mixing like traditional cement-based grouts?

No. SnapStone Flexible Grout comes pre-mixed, and does not require mixing like traditional cement-based grouts. It may, however, require some stirring using a margin trowel before use.

How long does SnapStone Flexible Grout need to cure before we can walk on it?

Wait 24 hours for light foot traffic, 72 hours for normal household traffic, and 7 days before cleaning. Please refer to our Care & Maintenance Page for additional cleaning information.

Do I need to seal SnapStone Flexible Grout?

SnapStone Flexible Grout is stain- and water-resistant, and is self-sealing and requires no additional sealing.

Do I have to use SnapStone Flexible Grout when installing SnapStone porcelain tile?

Yes. SnapStone Flexible Grout is specially formulated for use with SnapStone tiles. Other grouts are not sufficiently flexible to handle the movement associated with a floating floor, and will fail.

What is the shelf life of SnapStone Flexible Grout?

SnapStone Flexible Grout has a shelf life of 1 year after being opened.

The grout left a residue on the tile. What can I use to remove this?

Use Urethane Grout Cleaner (UGC), Krud Kutter® Original or Krud Kutter® Tough Task Remover to cleanup any grout haze that remains on the tile surface after drying. Krud Kutter is available at home improvement centers. UGC may be ordered from the SnapStone sample store. Detailed Grout Haze Removal Instructions

SnapStone installation video
Grout Haze Removal

Will applying a tile or grout sealer after grout installation hurt SnapStone Flexible Grout?

It is not recommended to use a sealer on the grout since it is self-sealing.

Will the color of SnapStone Flexible Grout vary from batch to batch?

No. SnapStone Flexible Grout maintains a consistent color from batch to batch.

How do I clean SnapStone Flexible Grout during the grouting process?

Remove grout residue as you work using a sponge and water. If working alone, never grout more than 10 square feet before cleaning. See our grouting video for more details.

Who do I call for chemical emergencies?

For Chemical Emergency call CHEMTREC 24 hours, 800-424-9300 North America, 703-527-3887 International (collect).

How do I correct imperfections in the grout?

Repair any low spots by adding additional grout. SnapStone Flexible Grout adheres to itself.

How long should I wait before allowing pets on the SnapStone floor?

SnapStone Flexible Grout is most vulnerable to stain while in the curing stage. It is recommended that pet traffic is minimized within the first week of grout application.

What should I use to seal off the perimeter of my SnapStone floor?

We recommend sealing the perimeter of your SnapStone floor using a color-matched silicone caulk. You can order online at GroutGetter.com.

View our installation videos for more details

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