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Frequently Asked Questions: SnapStone® Floor Tile and Grout Repair & Replacement

Can I re-install my SnapStone® floor in another location?

Yes. A SnapStone Floating Porcelain Tile floor can be disassembled and re-installed in another location. Before reinstalling, the old grout will need to be removed using a utility knife.

I dropped a cast iron pan on my SnapStone tile floor and a tile chipped. How do I replace it?

A SnapStone tile that becomes damaged can be replaced using the following steps:
1: Remove grout from perimeter of broken tile, using a utility knife.
2: Cut the tabs at 3 of the 4 surrounding sides of the broken tile
3: Remove broken tile
4: Cut the tabs of the new tile on 3 of 4 sides
5: Apply a layer of premium construction adhesive to the back of the new tile in a spiral pattern.
6: Place the new tile into position, interlocking the side with remaining tabs
7: Apply pressure to ensure full adhesion
8: Once adhesive cures, apply flexible grout

A section of my grout has become discolored, can I repair it?

Yes, Snapstone® Flexible Grout can be easily repaired. For step-by-step instructions on how to repair or replace sections of grout, please see our grout replacement instructions.

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