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Frequently Asked Questions: Product Specifications

How thick is SnapStone® tile?

The SnapStone flooring system uses a 9mm porcelain tile. An Interlocking tile with tray is 9/16" thick.

What sizes are available?

Snapstone tile comes in 18" x 18", 12"x12" and 6"x6" sizes

How much does each SnapStone tile weigh?

A single 18" x 18" tile weighs 10 lbs; a single 12"x12" tile weighs 4.5 lbs; and a single 6"x6" tile weighs just over 1 lb.

How much does a carton of SnapStone tile weigh?

A carton of 18" x 18" tile weighs 40 lbs. A carton of 12"x12" tile weighs 22.5 lbs. A carton of 6"x6" tile weighs 13 lbs.

How many square feet per carton?

An 18" x 18" carton has 9 square feet and 4 pieces. A 12"x12" carton has 5 square feet and 5 pieces. A 6"x6" carton has 3 square feet and 12 pieces.

How thick are the grout joints?


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