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Tile sizes & floating question
  • Are there any plans for making different size tiles? I'd really like more flexibility with patterns.

    Also, I'm going to be remodeling several bathrooms. Is it ok to tile the whole floor and place vanities/cabinets on top? I've read with floating floors that furniture holds it in place, but I've also read not to put cabinets, etc. on top of floating floors.


    SnapStone reply:

    I just finished a bathroom 50 sq. ft. with a toilet on top of the tiles. Since this is the correct way to do the installation, I would not consider cabinets or sinks any different. It should work just fine and also help to hold the installation in place.

    I would like to put a 6 inch accent tile within the field tile does snapstone offer a 6 inch tile ?

    SnapStone reply:
    We produce a 6" tile that is "modular" with the 12" tiles for many of our colors. However, not all retailers carry the 6" SnapStone tiles. Please check with your retailer to see if they carry the 6's, either in stock or as a special order item.

    You will be fine, The standard practice for kitchens is to tile then move appliances over the tile like fridge and stoves etc. Bathroom base cabinets should not be an issue other than you knowing there's extra material involved that will never been seen....