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HELP! Half way through install, found uneven floor area
  • I'm doing a rather large installation of 12x12 tile (420 sq ft) - square pattern, nothing fancy. I'm going over an exiting linoleum floor and our house is 14 years old. While laying tile near where my refrigerator sits, I have a significant dip so my tiles are rocking. Being right by the fridge, this is a high traffic area and any wobble is quite undesirable. An image can be found here:

    What's the best way to mitigate this? Most of the posts I saw mentioned self leveling compound. From what I can tell, this is a cement based product and is a little more involved/messy that I'd like. I bought 12x12 linoleum self-stick tiles (about .08 in height) to try to make up the difference. Is this a good idea? I saw someone mention Insulayment, is this a better option? Sadly, my installation has ground to a halt until I can figure out this issue. I am desperate, please help.

  • Our first recommendation would be to use the cement patching compound. This repair would be covered by warranty. The linoleum self-stick tiles might work, but it is not our recommended method. Insulayment is not recommended for floor prep repair. Insulayment is the companion product to Quiet Warmth, and is only recommended for the fill areas surrounding the heated mats. Hope this is helpful--give us a call if you have any other questions. 877-263-5861. Thank you.
  • Is it OK to use cement patching compound on linoleum? I'm willing to go that route as long I know it will work. Has anyone else tried it? Thanks to all.
  • Yes, the patching compound will work on linoleum. The patching compound is nice because it won't run, like a self-leveling, you can spot apply it to the area with a trowel, and it is relatively fast drying. Let us know how it goes or if you have other questions. Thanks!
  • Thanks so much. Is there a particular brand or type of patching compound that you recommend?
  • Yes, Mapei Planipatch works well over linoleum and can be found at your large home improvement centers.