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Grout is cracking...
  • we used snapstone on our bathroom floor and it's only been little over a year and the grout is cracking and I can pick some out with my fingernail. this was not an inexpensive product so why are we getting these poor results and going to have to spend more money to fix it? I also noticed from the first week you could see separation between the grout and the tile, is that normal? yes we used the snapstone grout. wish I could attach a picture! thank you for your help.
  • We're sorry to hear that you have some grout cracking. Grout cracking is a symptom, usually in response to movement, or, over-washing at the time of installation. Please send some photos and your contact information to and we'll take a look. Thank you.
  • sending some pics now. two emails. hope you can help us.
  • Lupi2014 Did you come to a resolution to the problem?