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Grout looks awful!!
  • We installed our SnapStone about a year ago and used the grout you sell as well. Now our grout is cracking off in many places and overall looks really dirty. I am having a hard time getting the grout clean and keeping it clean. I have come to HATE my kitchen floor because of it :( HELP!!!
  • We're sorry to hear that you have some grout cracking. Grout cracking is a symptom, usually in response to movement or over-washing at the time of installation. Please send some photos and your contact information to and we'll take a look. Thank you.
  • I just sent the pictures.
  • Charityannz, did you come to a reasonable solution to the problem?
  • I agree .. I laid our tile less than a year ago and the grout is cracking and looks dirty and horrible. I followed the instructions to a T. I watched the videos and know installation was not the problem as I have done plenty of other tile jobs. I used the correct snapstone grout also. Love the tile but hate the floor now that it looks like this. Was going to use this in my kitchen also but am now hesitant to purchase again
  • We're sorry to hear you have some grout cracking. Grout cracking can occur for a number of reasons, including tiles not sitting flat on the subfloor, movement in the subfloor or over washing grout lines at the time of installation. There is a grout repair process available on our website, and a video clip showing the process by located at this link:

    Please give us a call at 877-263-5861if you have further questions. Thank you.