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Tapping Block
  • Does anyone have the dimensions I should use for a tapping block? I cannot order the one that Snapstone uses. I am imagining using a 2x4, routed out maybe a 1/4''x1/4'' slot for the grooves to go into, then the top resting against the side of the tile. That way the grooves are not being struck when you hit the block with the mallet but the tile is.
  • That will work great! Also most laminate tapping blocks work great with SnapStone. Be sure to use a white headed rubber mallet (the black ones mar the tile) tapping blocks are optional if you have a good rubber mallet you can install without a tapping block.
  • I did it last night, it works amazing. Route out about a half inch along the horizontal, and 1/4'' along the vertical of a 2x3, and cut it to about 8'' (for using with 12x12 tile) you will be amazed at how much better it is.