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Using grout outside on a deck
  • We have a large outside deck which has some movement, so the grout is constantly cracking. During the rainy season (July-September) this allows water to enter and it then leaks down into the carport below and onto the cars. We have taken up all the tile, fixed the cracks in the cement, waterproofed and put down new tile. After a few weeks, it again leaked. My question is: If we were to remove all the existing grout and replace with the SnapStone flexible grout, is it possible that it would flex with the movement of the deck and not crack? I realize that it would not be warrantied, but if there is a chance it would work and keep the deck from leaking, I would certainly like to try it. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  • We do not recommend our grout for other applications. However, we would like to better understand your application--we may have some suggestions for you. You can reach us toll free at 877-263-5861. Thank you!