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Quarter round trim to match tile colors
  • Does SnapStone sell quarter round trim to match the various color tiles? If not, what color trim would you recommend for use with your tile colors?
  • SnapStone does not offer quarter round in tile. Typically, quarter round is a wood piece that can be stained to match wood base trim. Wood base trim and quarter round are available at lumber stores and the large home improvement stores.

    If you want to use tile as a trim, you can cut raw tile into 3x12" pieces. You will want to carefully cut the tiles, using a sharp blade, to produce clean cuts. Old, dulled blades can chip the edges. After cutting, glue them to the wall using a quality construction adhesive, such as PL Premium. You may want to put a finish on the top cut edge, after installed, such as a bead of grout of colored caulking.

    Another tile option is bullnose, which is pre-cut tile pieces that have one end filed into a round edge. These can be pricey but they look very nice.