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replacing fridge
  • I'm redoing my kitchen and installing snapstone, I'm a little worried about moving the refrigerator over the installed tile.
    I'll be putting the fridge in the dining room about 15 feet away from its spot and am afraid of cracking tiles because of the weight when moving it back. Are my fears justified?

  • Yes, because all tile can break, whether it's traditionally installed or installed with the SnapStone system. It isn't the weight on the tile that will cause cracking but the wheels catching on the edges of the tiles as you roll across the floor that can produce chips which can crack and splinter. We recommend laying down cardboard to protect the surface as you roll the refrigerator back into place. When positioning the refrigerator into it's space, roll it slowly off of the cardboard to avoid chipping the edges of tiles that will sit under the refrigerator. Please give us a call at 877-263-5861 if you have any other questions and thank you for choosing SnapStone.