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could I use the snapstone tiles i've bought with thinset?
  • I'm a little uncomfortable about using the snapstone tiles i've bought. If I wanted to could I install them with thinset instead?
  • It is not recommended to install the interlocking SnapStone sytem in a bed of thinset. The thinset will not bond with the plastic trays. We would appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. Please call us toll free at 877-263-5861 so that we can answer your questions. Thank you.
  • I have the same question. I bought 47 boxes of 18 inch tile to lay in my bathroom and adjoining kitchen. I laid the bathroom tile this week and I've already had one tile crack just from walking on it. There is no way I can lay this in my kitchen. The reviews I've read are horrible regarding cracking and breaking (wish I would have read them sooner). I planned on pulling up the bathroom tiles, laying backer board, mortar and then laying the snapstone back down so that they wouldn't crack so easily. The thought of returning 40+ boxes of 18 inch tile is almost as bad as laying it all just to have it crack and break. Is it not recommended or will it not work?
  • Sorry to hear you have a cracked tile. Unfortunately, tile is a product that has the ability to crack whether it's a floating system or traditionally installed. It's hard to determine what caused the crack in your bathroom. But it is not recommended to install them in a mortar bed because the mortar will not bond to the plastic trays. Instead, we recommend removing the damaged tile and replace it following the tile replacement process. If the cracking occurred because the tile was installed previously damaged, then it will address it with no more incident. If the tile cracked because of an uneven sub floor area underneath that tile, the adhesive used on the replacement tile will act as a leveling compound in the uneven area and the replacement tile will function properly.

    The two most common reasons for tile cracking are installing over an uneven sub floor where no prep was done to even out the high and low spots or installing a tile that had existing damaging. When SnapStone is installed according to instructions, it performs as it should, as the majority of the installations are. We see failures most frequently when sub floors were not checked and then and not prepared properly before installation. However, if you are not comfortable with your purchase, then we suggest contacting your retailer to arrange a return. If we can answer any questions regarding sub floor specs and sub floor prep work before installation, please call us at 877-263-5861. Thank you.