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Marking cut lines
  • What do you recommend using to mark the cut lines when using a wet saw? Need to see it (not pencil), don't want the wet saw water to rinse it off, but want it to rub off or clean off also if any remnants left behind.
  • I believe you may have solved your problem by now merrherr!

    But I would like to answer your question in case anyone else has this problem in the future.

    When I cut marked lines with a wet saw I came up with a very easy solution that keeps the mark on the tile without it getting washed off nor does it stain the tile.

    Apply a strip(s) of masking tape to the general area where you will be marking. Then just use a marker and mark as you would usually. A dark pencil or even felt tip pen should all withstand the water from the saw.

    If done correctly the line you will want to cut will be on the masking tape instead of the tile surface. Cut as you would any other tile and simply peel off the tape at the end.

    I have been doing this for years and it hasn't let me down.