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Electric Combination Oven suppliers
  • Electric tilting frying pan
    The versatile tilting frying pan
    This is a very versatile tilting frying pan which can be used for frying, sautéing and braising meat, rice and vegetables. The tilting frying pan is made from stainless steel. For optimal hygiene the tilting frying pan is also available with a stainless steel pan insert. The lid is hinged and balanced with a gas spring, making it easy to open and preventing it from accidentally falling down. The electric tilting function is standard equipment, making emptying and cleaning the pan easy and safe.
    Fast reaction times
    High heat output
    Even heat distribution
    Hinged, balanced lid
    Electric tilt function
    Thermostatic heat control
    Height adjustment
    Separate lid
    Side shelf
    • Spring-balanced cover
    • Outstanding for professional use
    • Non-stick treated surface
    • Electronic control
    • On / off switch
    • Operating light(s)
    • Tilt angle up to 90°
    • Safety and operation thermostat
    • Includes chimney with splashback function
    • entirely made out of stainless steel
    • Easy to clean
    • high performance with lower consuption (environmentally friendly)
    Electric fryer
    With enough power to fry a variety of popular appetizers and entrees like french fries, onion rings, and hot wings, this fryer features a durable stainless steel and galvanized exterior to stand up to the daily demands of your busy kitchen. This unit features a cool zone in its fry tank, which collects excess batter and crumbs and allows them to sink to the bottom of the tank for easy cleaning. Its big capacity makes this unit a great choice for restaurants, bars, or high-volume applications.
    Thermostatic Controls
    An easy-to-use thermostat lets you adjust temperatures between 0-200℃, so you'll be able to fry all sorts of different foods to perfection every time.
    Wire Mesh Fry Baskets
    Two wire mesh fry baskets allow you to cook different products simultaneously, while the black coated handles ensure heat protection and operator comfort.
    Basket Hangers
    The basket hangers allow you to hang your basket on the side of the tank to cool/drain excess oil while you complete other tasks.
    Min/Max Fill Line
    To ensure safety, the fryer features a minimum and maximum fill line. Then, when it's time to drain the oil, the fryer has a full port drain that makes disposal a quick and easy process.
    1. Suitable for doughnuts, small batches of breaded product, typically one layer deep of breaded mushrooms for example.
    2.Thermostatic control ensures accurate oil temperature control and consistently perfect results
    3.Safety features include top temperature cut-out to prevent overheating of oil and flame failure device
    4.Deep cool zone collects cooking debris - this gives cleaner cooking results and prolongs oil life, saving you money
    5.Convenient pilot flame operation with piezo ignition
    6.Heavy duty double nickel plated spun wire baskets, batter plates and stainless steel lids supplied as standard
    1. Good price, factory directly sale
    2. High quality stainless steel & durable
    3. High conductivity, quick heating, energy-efficient
    4. Safe, easy to operate, easy to control the temperature
    5. Energy and resource savings
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