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  • Introduction
    SYK-90 dual thermocouple programmable compound vacuum gauge consists of two thermocouple vacuum gauges and an ionization vacuum gauge. It is a fully automated instrument that controlled by a single chip microcomputer. This compound vacuum gauge is widely used in industrial production departments such as electronic industry, metallurgy industry and chemical industry for automatic control of vacuum measurement and production process.

    The Dual Thermocouple Programmable Compound Vacuum Gauge
    Thermocouple Vacuum GaugesIonization Vacuum Gauge
    GaugeZJ-54D metal gaugeZJ-27B glass gauge
    Diameter Of OutletΦ15.5±0.5mmΦ15.5±0.5mm
    Measuring Range103Pa~0.1Pa10Pa~10-5Pa
    Flange Specification
    Staring MethodManual
    Operated by the front switch "pass" / "break" button
    The ionization meter works automatically when the thermocouple indicates that the pressure is lower than 7Pa, and the ionization gauge automatically extinguishes when the ionization gauge indicates that the pressure is higher than 10Pa
    Relay2 groups2 groups
    Relay Output220VAC,1A
    Threshold(Set by the user, the threshold backlash is 30% of the set value)
    Rs2332 Com PortOutput the readings of 3 vacuum gauges, users can "open" / "off" ionization vacuum gauge by Com port.
    Wire Length Of GaugeStandard length: 7m(Wire length of thermocouple ≤50m, Wire length of ionization gauge ≤15m)

    ● Measuring range: 103Pa~105Pa
    ● Press the general power switch and the equipment runs automatically without preheating and regulation.
    ● It can connect with computer by RS232 double-way communication interface.
    ● Having four sets of high pressure controlled normally open relay contacts, the threshold valve is set by the user and the working state is displayed by LED.
    ● With a perfect protection circuit, the ionization gauge is not afraid of being exposed to the atmosphere.
    ● The ionization gauge is controlled by the thermocouple vacuum gauge to avoid double-valued reading.
    ● One display window for a thermocouple vacuum gauge and the other for both a thermocouple vacuum gauge and an ionization gauge, two different gauge valves switch automatically and digital display respectively.
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