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Baiyuan Tongbei Course
  • The introduction of Shaolin temple
    Located at the foot of Song mountain, Dengfeng city,Henan province, Shaolin temple is surrounded by dense forest of Shashi mountain, this is how its name”Shao lin si’ come.495 year of Beiwei, Xiaowen emperor built up a temple in Song mountain in order to place his idol, monk Batuo from India.
    Shaolin temple is the zen chamber where they spread Buddhism in Han nationality, it is called”No.1 Sha”. Shaolin kungfu is well known by world because monks of each generations devote themselves to the research and development of it. It is said that the real kungfu is shaolin kungfu, which is the best one in the world”.
    Shaolin temple is national 5A scenic spot, the seventh protected administration of national key historical relic, the world wide LC ecological scenic spot. Baiyuan Tongbei Course