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Grout Sealer needed
  • Contrary to what I have read, it appears that a sealant may be necessary for the grout lines. Here's my reasoning, finished my bathroom with the tile and the mushroom color grout. My wife dropped a powdered make up container and some spilled onto the grout. Having first tried to pick up with a vacuum I had to finally use a wet cloth to blot up the remaining powder. Needless to say there is a small area on the grout that is colored with the makeup.
    If sealant had been applied I am sure a simple spray with krud cutter would suffice in cleaning it up. What will occur "if" i now seal the grout lines?
  • Try cleaning the area with Soft Scrub with bleach, this should remove the stain. The problem with sealers is they are designed to be used with portland cement based grouts and penetrate into the grout to provide the seal. The urethane grouts wont allow the sealers to penetrate.