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  • I have installed the floor but have not grouted it yet as the floor creaks when I walk on it, but it did not creak before I layed the snapstone should I remove the floor and try again or is there something that needs to be done.

    SnapStone reply:

    Hmmm, that's a new one. Without being there, it hard to determine the root cause of the "creak". Generally speaking, a creak noise will come from the sub-floor - either the decking or joists.

    A few questions:

    1) Did you remove a prior layer of flooring, or are you going over the top of an existing floor? We've heard of situations where glued-down carpet was removed and the adhesive residue would stick/tear making a noise.
    2) What is directly under the SnapStone?
    3) Is the "creak" isolated to one spot, or do you hear it in multiple locations. If somewhat isolated, is it possible the edge of a tile is rubbing on the perimeter somewhere?
    4) Are all the interlocking tabs fully engaged throughout the floor? (This should not cause a creaking sound, but still a good idea to verify before you grout).
    5) Where does it sound to you like the creak is originating? What other words would you potentially use to describe the sound: e.g., squeak, pop, scrap, tear, swish, rub? I know that may seem like an odd question, but it might help us understand the scenario better.

    If you have a digital camera that can shoot video, you could record a short clip and we'd be happy to look/listen. You can send it to [email][/email].

    We're definitely open to other ideas or suggestions.

    SnapStone reply:
    I had the same problem with the floor squeaking. I had placed the tile over exisitng linolum and the floor squeeked as the snapstone tile flexed over the linoleum. I purchased a couple of rolls of green, foam flooring underlayment and placed it on top of the linoleum and then placed the snapstone tile on top. It worked more squeaks and it provided a nice underlayment for the snapstone tile.
  • I am having the same problem, Snapstone floor installed but not grouted squeaks in many places, not on the perimeter. This makes me very nervous. The floor was not squeaking before installing Snapstone. Snapstone is installed directly on top of OSB. Floor and joists (engineered beams) meet or exceed the recommended Snapstone requirements.

    I believe the noise is due to tab to tab rubbing due floor deflection when somebody walks on it. Floor deflection is slight but visible.

    I read the previous comment about using a foam flooring underlayment. I am concerned about having too much "cushion" under the Snapstones and increasing the deflection when walked in. This Is this a recommended permanent fix?

    The product looks good but I am concerned by the squeaks and the possible grout deterioration if there is too much floor movement.
  • Good question. There can be a squeaking noise produced by the tabs when walked across before grouting. The grout will encapsulate the tabs and remove this. A squeaking noise can also be produced if the tile is not sitting flat on the sub floor underneath it and is teetering or rocking on a high spot. In this case, the sub floor underneath the tile would need to be addressed and bring it into spec, depending on the tile size you are installing. High spots need to planed or sanded and low spots filled with a cement patching compound. Was the sub floor checked and did it meet flatness specs? If corrections were needed, how were they made? Additional underlayments are not recommended and would produce too much movement causing grout separation/cracking eventually and possibly tile cracking. Specs are available on our website and also under the "Prep" Section of the installation instructions. Please give us a call at 877-263-5861 if you have further questions. Thank you.