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Using "Insulayment" as a Spacer
  • We're putting 3/4" hardwood in our cottage and want to use SnapStone in the entries and bathroom. As we're hoping to put in floor heat (QuietWarmth) in the bathroom we came up with the bright idea of using the non-heated spare unuderlayment (the Insulayament product) as a spacer to bring the SnapStone to the same height as the 3/4" hardwood floor. Surfing the various websites I get a 9/16" overall thickness for the SnapStone, 0.11" for the Insulayment - for a total of 0.6725 or 1.25/16ths less than the 3/4" hardwood. Ideal for a T-strip. So my question is, is this idea Ok? After all, you use Insulayment under the non-heated portions of the bathroom floor, why not use it under the other areas? Would it result in too much compression/movement in the higher traffic entry areas? Side note, the entry areas to be tiled are only pads of about 6'x6' with hardwood surrounding them on 3 sides.

    SnapStone reply:
    Using the Insulayment as a filler material is exactly what we would recommend to keep the tiles at the same height.

    It sounds like a great SnapStone application. Please send us pictures when you are done to [email][/email].