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Installing under appliances
  • I am remodeling a kitchen and I read that the floor should not be installed under the cabinets. However, I do not see where you tell me whether it should be under the appliances such as the stove, dishwasher and refrigerator. The underlying flooring is hardwood and level under these appliances. If it is not installed under the appliances, is is possible to partially have an edge under the appliances for appearances? You would not put quarter round in front of these things.

    SnapStone reply:
    You should install your kitchen cabinets before installing your SnapStone floor.

    Generally speaking, you should install SnapStone under the appliances and then place the appliances. However, depending upon the cabinet/counter height and the height of your appliance (e.g., and under-counter dishwasher), you might not have enough clearance to replace the appliance after SnapStone (or a thicker flooring product like hardwood). SnapStone will add roughly 9/16" to the floor height, so double check clearances for appliances and doors.