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toilet flang
  • i started on a small bathroom and end up piceing to small pieces on two sides of toilet flange i had three side snap in on the two long ones and just one edge on two short ones which i put pl 200 under jsut so they didnt move. it a small bathroom and i kinda laid thinks out ahead of time but the row tht the toilet flange is on is the same row as the heat vent opposite end. anyway all ok getting ready to grout just wondered if you have thought about making a tile with a whole in it for a toilet flange. i guess the best thing i can say is all went well just had to figure out how to ket the most conections on the short pieces. i only have a small scrap pile and estimated 5 boxes which i came up to tiel short. I bought 13 boxes because i am going to do my other bathroom over also. i am here in omaha so fell free to let me know whats happening.

    SnapStone reply:
    Interesting concept to have a pre-cut tile for the toilet flange. Unfortunately, not everyone would want the tile layout such that the flange would be in the middle of the tile.

    There might be some other related possibilities, so thanks for sharing the concept.