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  • So we're installing our Snapstone floor (finally - it's been in the garage for 2 months) anyway, everything is going well except for the edges. I know the videos and instructions show using a prybar to get them snapped but are there any other tricks to make this process any easier. Sometimes I'm prying against drywall or cabinets that seem like they're going to give before the tile snaps. Just curious if anyone has any ideas before I soldier on tomorrow.

    SnapStone reply:
    Try some soapy water to help lubricate the tabs. Also, it is best to avoid trying to snap all 8 tabs together at once. Starting "cock-eyed" and snapping one side then the other can make it easier too.

    Good luck and thanks for purchasing SnapStone!

    I had the same issue and actually pushed in our cupboard base in a few spots. I found that the dish soap really worked well in these situations and kind of rocking the tile back and forth gently, gradually increasing the pressure and then it would just snap in.

    SnapStone reply:
    I installed about 400 sq. feet of snapstone with lots of perimeter tiles. On the edges, I used a small pry-bar with a small piece of protection material against the toe-kick and dry-wall areas (a thin piece of wood or plastic works well). Just be careful to place the pry-bar against the plastic tray and not the tile itself or it will chip.