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Rubber Coated Pry Bar
  • Where do I find a rubber coated pry bar? I've checked with Home Depot, Menard's, Lowe's, and searched with Google.

    I used a metal pry bar I had left over from a laminate flooring job. I used a terry-cloth rag between the pry bar and the worked perfectly. Don't use it without that cushion or you will chip your tile surface.

    SnapStone reply:
    Thats a good idea! Someone said there's a product at most home centers that you dip the tool into a rubberish liquid and when dries it provides a protective coating. Also a buddy of mine had a friend that worked at an auto dealership doing some type of new car prep, but when they sprayed bedliners for pick up trucks he would spray that coating on tools for some company, wonder if that would work for SnapStone?