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Refrigerator issue
  • Hello,

    I just completed the layout for the majority of my kitchen. After placing the refrigerator back into it's place, it appears that the pressure it is placing on the flooring is causing it to raise the surrounding tiles just slightly. It is not so much that you can feel the difference when it is walked on, but it is visible. Am I OK to go ahead and grout the floor or is there something I should be doing differently? The Snapstone is placed over vinyl which is in good condition and is very level.

    Thanks in advance for your help! Thanks also for such a great product...I am excited to complete this project!

    SnapStone reply:
    Most of the time when I see tiles that are raised when an appliance is set on it it's due to the floor being unlevel, you indicated the floor was level so maybe try moving the fridge back out, make sure all the tabs are fully interlocked and the perimeter spaces are maintained, then move it back and if the same issue exists as long as it isn't moving when you walk on it, you should be good to grout. This is a new one, let me know how it goes. Thanks