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Leaving a 1/4" along the perimeter
  • I think I'm missing something regarding grout application instructions. Through this message board, I have seen comments about leaving a gap between the edges of the outer row of tiles and the wall. I didn't see this in the instructions on the boxes of tile or on the Snap Stone web site, but have not yet read the instruction on the tub of grout. So is this the correct procedure for grouting
    - leave a 1/4" gap between the outer tile and the wall
    - leave a gap between the tile and a tub or toilet, but fill the gap with silicone caulk

    If the grout is waterproof, why is it not used by the tub and silicone caulk is?

    I feel left out. Where are you Chris?

    SnapStone reply:
    I can't belive I missed this one! I'm so sorry Joe.

    You're correct, a 1/4" gap is left at the walls and tub( you could make the joint at the tub a little smaller if you like)and the gaps are never grout because the grout isn't flexible enough. A flexible sealant is placed at the tub and walls, this will provide a watertight seal and still allow for movement.

    The grout is waterproof, but it isn't flexible enough to create a proper seal along a wall or tub. When the structure move the bond is broken where the grout meets the wall or tub and then water is able to get past.

    Hope this helps. Sorry again for the delay.