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Grout haze and tiny bumps
  • I let the grout dry the 24hrs and went back to clean the haze. I notice the tiles are covered with little tiny bumps that feel like sand particles. How can I remove them as the regular sponge cleaning isn't doing it so far. Should I go with the citrus cleaner and hot water or will they wear off with time.


    SnapStone reply:
    This is pretty common, but it's also very easy to clean. The best product I've found is called Krud Kutter,available at most home centers, just spray it on the areas that need cleaning and let it sit about two minutes then scrub it lightly with a white srub pad then rinse with clean water and a sponge. Hope this helps.
  • We installed this tile 3 years ago and I have tried soft scrub, krud Kutter by the gallons, both my husband and I have been on my hands and knees for three years trying to get the haze off of this floor.... I would never buy this product again, spent $2000.00 on a kitchen floor that I hate. I don't even like any company coming over because I am so embarrassed to let anyone see this awful mess of a floor, looks like we have never cleaned it. We purchased this at Menards and have gone back several times to complain about the haze and they just keep telling us the same two products which does not work! It is a shame we have a total remodeled kitchen with a terrible floor.

  • We're sorry to hear you are having trouble with grout haze. Soft scrub isn't recommended. However, Krud Kutter can be used according to the grout haze removal instructions found on our website:

    Please send us pictures and your contact information to and we'll be glad to help. Thank you.
  • Our Snapstone tile has been installed for about 8 months. It has the grout haze on it and I see you use Krud Kutter. I've also seen where some suggest Bostik Blaze. I see a few different kinds of Krud Kutter, which is the one to use and will it work on grout residue that's been on it for awhile now?
  • Krud Kutter in the original formula, or UGC which is available in our website store, is normally what we recommend. After 8 months, you will find removing it to be a challenge but it can be removed. Use Krud Kutter or UGC according to our Grout Haze Removal Instructions and not the instructions on the bottle. The removal instructions can be found by using this link to our website:

    Give us a call at 877-263-5861 with any questions. Thank you.