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  • I start tiling tomorrow hopefully. It has taken considerable time for my tile to come in to Home Depot. The question I have is what to do at the entry door. There is just vinyl there now, do I leave a gap and caulk with silicone or do I put in a transition strip?
    Also I bought "Grout Haze remover by Tile Lab". I think it might me too corrosive. It says not to use it on marble or polished stone as it may etch. I couldn't find the kind of cleaner that was recommended on this site.

    SnapStone reply:
    You can either use a sealant or a transition strip,I perfer using sealant because finding the correct profile and color can be a chore.
    Don't use the tile lab cleaner, not because it's too corosive since it won't harm the SnapStone tile, because it's designed to cut the portland cement haze that traditional tile grouts may leave behind and the SnapStone flexible grout is a urethane based grout and that type of cleaner wouldn't be effective at cleaning the residue.
    The original Krud Kutter works the best for cleaning the residue left behind by urethane grouts, but if you're careful when cleaning and only work in a small area at a time when grouting, chances are you won't even need the cleaner when done.Hope this helps! Good luck and let me know how it goes or if you have any more questions.Thanks

    Thanks for the advice. My grout was just delivered, it is labeled Sienna however it is the bark color. Do you not carry the reddish brown grout that is labeled Sienna at Home Depot? I'm wondering if it is a mistake at the store level or perhaps Snapstone no longer carries this color. What other colors do you have? Is it just the 3 that are shown on this web site?