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Getting rid of grout stain
  • Hi
    I finished installing snapstone in a large area of my home(around 330 sq feet). I used Bark grout. The grouting has been done since early June. A couple of weeks ago, one my dogs had an accident at night and it was not cleaned till the next morning. After cleaning with a grout brush and Mr. Clean, the discoloration is still there. What else can I do? I am planning on selling the house, so this needs to be resolved. The staining is darker than the original grout and it shows. Thanks for your help. Erica

    SnapStone reply:
    I've had good luck cleaning stains using Soft Scrub with bleach. If the area is small it might be just as easy to cut ot the stained area and regrout.

    Thanks Chris. I will try the softscrub. It is around a few tiles, so not really looking to replace. How would I remove the grout if I needed to? Erica

    SnapStone reply:
    You should be able to just cut out the top portion of the grout carefully with a utility knife and then regrout. let me know how it goes.Thanks