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Surface blemish marks
  • The tile I used on the 1st bathroom all had paper sheets on the back of each individual tile (tile were in-stock at Menards). For the 2nd bathroom, we wanted a color not in-stock at Menards, so special ordered it through Menards. Out of the 9 special ordered cartons, 2 had paper backing on each tile, the other 7 did not.

    The tiles in the cartons that did not have paper backing had to carefully be pried apart. Some of the tiles were stuck together so tightly that after getting them apart, the surface of the tile had impressions of the plastic backing runners. (Not physical of course, just visual impressions).

    Here's the problem. After installation, I have cleaned them with Original Krud Kleaner (10:1 water:Krud mix) and with an orange based cleaner. All traces of grout film are gone, but when sunlight comes in the window a few of the tiles still show the patterns of the plastic backing runners on the surface. (Doesn't show up in artificial light, only the strong sunlight).

    I have not tried 100% Krud Kleaner -- should that be the next step ... or is there something else I should try 1st.

    (Regarding the paper backing on the original tiles and some of these tiles, the paper is sometimes hard to completely get all the little pieces off some of the plastic runners ... but I'd rather be doing that than fighting the pattern on some of the tiles when there are no paper separators.)


    SnapStone reply:
    This is a tough one. It's pretty rare but i've seen it a few times. One time I just used a stronger solution of Krud Kutter and scrubed it with a white Scotch Brite pad and it work good. Another time I used mineral spirits and it removed the grid marks, but you have to be very careful when using solvents. Keep the area well ventilated and rinse with clean water when done. I would start with Krud Kutter and elbow grease first. Let me know how it worked. Thanks