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Grouting with ziplock bag
  • I read on one of the "view my floor" submissions, that a person used a ziplock bag to grout(sort of like a piping bag).Basically only putting the grout in the spaces,not all over.Since I've read all over that the cleanup is not the easiest,I was wondering if anyone tried the ziplock bag method,and if it makes a difference which method I use.

    SnapStone reply:
    I've done both, and the grout bag is a mess for me!maybe it's because after 30 years you get set in your ways or you just finally get good at something, but using a grout float, packing the joints and being able to use the float to clean off the excessive grout before I start wiping has just been good for me, so try just grouting in a small section at a time(10-12 sq ft)pack the joints full using a grout float, then using the same float squeege off excessive grout, then wipe diagonally using a sponge to clean off the residue,you should end up fine from my experience. If you have any grout residue it's going to be shiny instead of dull like traditional grouts. If you have a shiny residue, then just use original Krud Kutter to clean off any dried residue.
    If this doesn't work, try the bag and give me advice, I love new methods! good luck! let me know how it goes. Thanks

    Thanks,will try,however from other posts not too sure where to get the Krud Kutter,I'm in Montreal Qc,so I guess I'll have to do the rounds to the usual Home depot,Reno,Rona.

    The Hope Depot by my house ( Nebraska ) has it in the paint department. Let me know if you find it. Thanks

    SnapStone reply:

    If you find this "Krud Kutter" in Monteal, let me know where you found it. I searched every hardware store in the Ottawa area (including Home Depot) and it does not seem to be sold in Canada.

    Could not find it either.But will keep checking.