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  • Author: Dave
    Date: 2/18/2010 10:25 am EDT
    The more I read the more I get confused over perimeter edges. I'm going to do a little bathroom with about 50sf. I'm going right over top of 4" x 4" ceramic tile.
    Let me see if I got this right:
    - Under the toilet get about 1/4" close to the flange. Toilet should sit on top of tile.
    - Around the two opposite walls and along the sink cabinet leave 1/4" and then put the baseboard/trim over the tile. Remove the tabs that face the walls. Obviously secure them to the wall and not to the tile. I don't need to grout or caulk around these perimeter edges.
    - At the carpet seam do not use a trim/transition piece but nose the carpet right up to the tile. Remove the tabs that face the carpet. T molding is not necessary but can it be used? The reason I ask is that I'm debating 45 degree diagonal which may be difficult at the transition to make perfect. Trim would be a nice cover-all.
    - At the tub leave a 1/4" gap after removing the tabs. Use a silicone caulk not the grout to fill in the gap. I could caulk halfway and grout the balance due to water issues.
  • Author: chris
    Date: 2/18/2010 12:57 am EDT
    You don't sound confused at all!

    -You're fine going over the tile, check to make sure the floor is flat.
    -1/4" gap around the toilet flange.
    -1/4" around the perimeter walls, if the floor is subject to a lot of water from kids splashing in the tub ect., maybe fill all the perimeter gaps with silicone, then cover with base or quarter round.
    -It's fine to tuck the carpet up to the edge of the tile, but if you use a trim piece use an end mold or carpet reducer rather than a t-mold.
    - You can't use caulk as a subsitute for the urethane grout, but if you grout it properly, you won't have any problems with water getting through the grout.

    Hope this helps.