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Backing paper tears into pieces
  • Author: Dennis
    Date: 2/20/2010 11:50 am EDT
    Does anyone know an easy way to remove the backing paper? It is so flimsy that it easily tears and leaves dozens of small pieces which stick to the rubber tray. It takes a long time to remove the dozens of small pieces on hundreds of tiles. If you don't remove them, the rubber tray slides too easily on the floor. The tile was acclimated 48 hours in a 70 degree room prior to using them. Thanks
  • Author: Jonathan
    Date: 2/20/2010 1:34 pm EDT
    I don't know of any simple way to remove the paper - we apologize for the extra time required to remove the paper. It would be helpful to get the "serial number" from the back of the tray (starts with "E1" or "E2") - we can check to see if there was anything unique about that production day. While it won't solve your issue, it will help us to track down a potential root cause. Thanks for purchasing SnapStone, and again, we apologize for the hassle.

    One other thought - while the rubberized grid does indeed play a specific role in keeping the tiles in place, the combine weight of the tiles when snapped together will tend to keep it fixed in place too. It probably is not necessary to remove every single piece of stuck paper from the grid.
  • Author: Dennis
    Date: 2/20/2010 4:45 pm EDT
    Hi Jonathan, Thanks for your quick response.

    The batch number is E1 120209 1728 00290, 15 cases, bought Feb 10, 2010 at Lowes, Eatontown, NJ. Pehaps when they are stacked 6 cases high for several months, the paper compresses and gets stuck on the rubber? Anyway the job came out great. Thanks for a great product.
  • We had the same problem with some of ours, but then I started to very carefully remove one end and then slowly lift along edges and then it seemed to work better....we had about 20 boxes and I started after about the 10th! Wish I had tried that earlier!
  • I apologize in advance for the length of this post......
    I am in the middle of installing this product in/on my basement floor... I purchased 110 cartons for 540 square feet...... I cannot begin to express the level of frustration having to remove this paper! I'm really surprised that more people have not complained about this ??? And looking at the dates on some of these comments... this has been an issue since 2010 ??? I'm sure any of the other people who have commented here about this issue will back me up when I say in order to remove the paper from the tile takes a minimum of 30 seconds per tile...and that is not an exaggeration, nor does it mean that every speck of paper is removed from the back of the tile... And as one contributor to this post/string discovered (as I did)... peeling the paper off the tile "slowly" was the most effective way to remove the majority of the paper without having to scrape off any remaining paper...
    the way I figure it... it's going to take me roughly 4.5 hours of doing nothing else but trying to peel the paper off the back of the tile... and again I'm not talking about every single speck of paper. It's literally adding half a day's work to the project.
    I paid $50 to have the product delivered... I would've gladly paid $100 for somebody to remove the paper... and I would have picked the tile up myself. It actually takes longer to peel the paper off the tile than it does to take the tiles and install them after the paper's been removed... 2.5 minutes to prep the product... less than 1.5 minutes to install the product... (what's wrong with this picture??) This is the only drawback I see to a otherwise wonderful product.
    And by the way... because the store I purchased the product at did not have enough product in stock... they had to obtain additional cartons from another store which apparently are of a different "lot number".
    The additional cartons from the other store have a different color backing/tabs... despite being a different "lot number" they are still a perfect match, and I see no difference in appearance as I'm laying them down... however it is clear that these additional cartons from the other store are not in the original packing... and the paper/instructions that are on the back of these tiles are stuck on even worse and require even more time to remove enough paper before installing them.
    I'm not sure how much the CEO of the company who manufacturers "SnapStone" makes per year... but whatever it is... can we figure out how much it comes to per hour based on a 40 hour work week... and then pay me 5 hours of his time??
  • We're sorry to hear that you experienced paper sticking to the back of the trays. This can occur occasionally with older product which has been stacked over time. To address your installation, peeling the paper slowly (as you mentioned) is effective, as is applying heat to the back of the tray, such as a blow dryer or a heat gun. Also, not all of the paper needs to be removed--it won't affect the performance of the floor. As you connect the individual tiles, the weight of the floor will prevent any movement. Please let us know if we can answer any other questions regarding your installation and thank you for choosing SnapStone.