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  • Author: Delycia
    Date: 4/26/2010 0:58 am EDT
    The instructional videos on the website say that it is okay to leave the plastic tabs around the perimeter, but all the discussion on here says to cut off all the tabs.. so which is it?? Also am I correct in that you do not grout any perimeter seams? I understand that you have to use silicon around the bathtub etc..but everywhere else you have a gap that has to be covered my some sort of trim?? My husband and I purchased 700 square feet of this tile under the assumption that it would be quicker, and easier installation but now I am not so sure.. Can you please try to help make sense of some of my confusion? Thank You
  • I have same comments. My tile with tabs goes under the new drywall and against the floor stud. So the row is snug to the next wall. So do I have to remove the tile tabs and then grout the perimeter? Is perimeter grouting required? Thanks.
  • The tabs should be removed from the tiles in the 1/4" space around the perimeter of the room. All floating floors, including SnapStone, need the expansion space to allow the structure to move without pushing against the flooring. The tabs should be removed and this space should not be grouted. A bead of silicone can be used in this space to prevent water from getting under the floor, in case of a water event, such as a toilet overflow. Silicone does not put pressure on the floor. Your SnapStone floor should not be snug against the perimeter wall, tub, counter, etc. This could eventually lead to the structure putting pressure on the floor through normal expansion and contraction, and theoretically, could eventually lead to the floor buckling. Please call us toll free at 877-263-5861 if you have any other questions. Thank you.