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clean with steam mop?
  • Author: Jan
    Date: 4/26/2010 11:29 pm EDT
    Can I clean the snap stone floor with a steam mop?
  • Steam cleaners are not recommended. The high heat associated with steam cleaners may temporarily soften the grout line. We do not recommend repeated softening and hardening of the grout lines. Regular sweeping and damp mopping will keep your floor looking its best. A flooring detergent, such as Spic and Span or the Swiffer, may be used to clean sticky spills or for deep cleaning. Periodically, the grout lines will need a deep cleaning. Soft Scrub with Bleach and a soft, bristled brush will remove the accumulated dirt.
  • Why we not should use steam cleaner ?
    I am using the steam mop (it is here
    and I think it is good
  • As indicated previously, the high heat associated with steam may soften the urethane grout. Repeated softening and hardening is not recommended and may cause long term damage to the grout lines. Any damage caused by use of a steam cleaner is not covered under the warranty. Recommended care and maintenance is available on the website, located at this link:
  • Hello troyobie ,
    Daniel here.
    Every steam mop is not fit for any kind floor. Some are good at cleaning hardwood while others are good on carpets, tiles or stone floor.Stone floors require mop which releases strong steam that can even take out the dust from crevices in the floor.
    The mop should be made up of strong material so that it is not damaged easily by the hard stone floor.You can even get the one with additional attachments which you can use on hard as well as soft surfaces.
    You can check out the best steam mops at and decide which one is best for you.
  • Thank you for your comment. However, the issue is not the stone but, instead, the grout. SnapStone grout is a urethane-based grout and not designed for the high heat that steam mops can produce. The high heat of the steam may soften the grout line and encapsulate the dirt when it re-hardens. Additionally, repeated softening and re-hardening of the grout is not recommended and may cause long term damage to the grout lines. Please see our website for care and maintenance recommendations of your SnapStone floor at