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grout failure
  • I installed the trayless camel colored tiles in my shower in the traditional manner and I was told here on this forum (and by the salesman) that I could use the same grout in the shower as I did on the floor. Now, after a year and five months, the grout has failed and is falling out of the seams. I have also noticed that it is becoming soft to the extent that a finger can leave an imprint or a fingernail can pick out the grout. After I completed the grouting, it was allowed to cure for the week recommended and I did not seal it as instructed. Assuming there is no implied warranty, what are my options? I am considering scraping the entire shower and regrouting with traditional grout to avoid this again - huge waste of time and money and I'm rather upset.

    ETA: I used the Snapstone mushroom colored grout as instructed and recommended.
  • Sorry to hear you're having problems the SnapStone grout! Are you having the same issues on the floor as the shower? What I've done in the past is just give them a call, 877-263-5861, They were really helpful and put me in touch with whoever I needed to resolve my issues. Let me know what SnapStone says, so we know ho to handle it in the future.