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Cleaning Grout with Soft Scrub with Bleach
  • My new kitchen floor is one month old now, so I decided to clean the grout using a grout cleaner brush and the recommended product, SoftScrub with Bleach. However, some areas of the grout now appear to be lighter in color. Did I scrub unevenly? Any other explanation? What should I do now?
  • Diana,

    The first time I cleaned a floor using Soft Scrub it had lighter, blotchy areas. It ended up being an easy fix! I just didn't rinse the cleaner very well. I was cleaning a darker color grout, what color is your grout?
    I've used Soft Scrub may times since and haven't had any color problems, unless I did spot cleaning, then those areas were lighter.
    Let me know if rinsing the floor made a difference.