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Portable dishwasher
  • Hi, I've been reviewing the information on Snap Stone flooring, seems almost too good to be true. I certainly would love to use it in my kitchen and laundry room. My one concern is we use a portable dishwasher, so I'm wondering how this floor would do with a dishwasher being rolled over it each day. Thanks in advance for your response.

    SnapStone reply:
    I can't really comment on "too good to be true" other than saying that lots of folks seem to really like SnapStone. Honestly, we're not surprised - we designed the system to be both easy and robust.

    For your portable dishwasher, I'd make sure you install SnapStone throughout the area of movement; that is, install SnapStone in the storage area, and from the storage area to the hook-up area. Even a full dishwasher will be generally less than 300 pounds - I would not expect any problems. Please make sure the subfloor is as level as possible under the path traversed by the dishwasher.

    The Robinson Test we run exposes the system to much heavier weights for more than 5,000 revolutions. You can see video of the Robinson test at

    Let us know how your SnapStone floor turns out!