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grout durability outside.
  • I'm going to tile my screen porch and was wondering how the grout holds up to extreme temperatures and moisture? Thanks and I'm looking forward to the project this spring. Sherman
  • Hey Sherman,
    I've installed a few three season porches in Iowa and Nebraska and haven't had any problems! I don't believe the SnapStone warranty includes this type of installation, but I know the urethane grout can be used outdoors and the porcelain tile is fine and if you have ever tried to pull a tile off one of the trays you would know you could use it anywhere!! It must be just not enough testing in that enviroment?
    Let me know when you do your install this spring, I'll give you a few pointers.
  • Thaks Chris, I'll keep you posted. I'm installing this in our home in Kansas so your experience in IA and NE should be about the same.. Thanks, again