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SnapStone Featured in the Media

SnapStone has recently been featured in many prominent programs and magazines. Here's what they are saying about SnapStone:

 As Featured On Fox Business: April, 2016
SnapStone Announces Release Of A 6"x24" Tile Format: November, 2014
SnapStone Announces Release Of A 12"x24" Tile Format: January, 2014
Jonathan discusses SnapStone benefits with Michael King: October 19, 2013
Michael and Jonathan discuss the benefits of SnapStone for Contractors, The Professional Handyman and experienced DIYers. Live from the National Remodeling Show in Chicago, IL.
 Barb McIntosh sits down with Michael King: September 21, 2013
Co-founder of SnapStone, Barb McIntosh, sits down with Michael to discuss common questions she gets from customers about SnapStone.
 Joe Fuller visits with Michael King: August 10, 2013
Joe Fuller, aka ‚ÄúMr. SnapStone‚Ä? visits with Michael about his 20 years as a tile layer and how SnapStone changed his whole perspective on what tile should be.
 Gary Cissel's Interview with Michael King: July 27, 2013
A flooring retailers perspective on the benefits of SnapStone for both professionals and DIYers.
 Consumer Reports ranks SnapStone: July, 2013
See where Consumer Reports ranks SnapStone compared to other leading tile flooring applications in the July 2013 issue.
 Jonathan McIntosh's Interview with Michael King: June 18, 2013
Michael interviews Jonathan live in Omaha, NE during the College World Series. They talk about the Consumer Reports evaluation and ranking of the SnapStone tile.
 Jonathan McIntosh's Interview with Michael King: May 26, 2013
Jonathan and Michael discuss the advantages of SnapStone vs. Traditional Tile.
 Success in Action: September 1, 2012
 COMC, LLC Receives Emerging Business of the Year Award (pdf)
 The Home Solutions Show
 SnapStone featured in Chicagoland Menards interview
 Home Smarts Interview with owner Jonathan McIntosh
 Today Show: Glorious Floors
 Cityline on CityTV: Home Day
 NBC WOWT News: Chamber of Commerce
 Family Handyman (pdf)