SnapStone vs. Traditional Tile

SnapStone versus Traditional Tile

SnapStone  tile simply outperforms traditional porcelain and ceramic tile both in its design and installation characteristics:

Please refer to the latest Tile Council of North America's (TCNA) Handbook guidelines
Durability Excellent Excellent Moderate
Stain Resistance Excellent Excellent Moderate
Moisture Resistance Excellent Excellent Moderate
Warranty Offered Yes Occasionally Occasionally
Cuts w/Wet Saw Yes Yes Yes
Installs Over Radiant Heat* Yes Yes Yes
Floating Floor Yes    
Easily Installed by Almost Anyone Yes    
Can Be Installed in a Day Yes, in many cases    
Installs Directly Over 3/4" Plywood or OSB Yes    
Installs Directly Over Vinyl/Hardwood Yes    
Requires No Thinset Yes    
Reusable Yes    
Easily Replace Tiles Yes    

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