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Installation Instructions

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Tile Installation Instructions
- Gently twist and inspect each tile for color match, damage or defect before installing.

• 6"x6" and 12"x12" tiles:
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• 18"x18", 6"x24" and 12"x24" tiles:
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Grouting Instructions
- Open and inspect each pail of grout before installation. Grout may dry and cure to a different shade compared to wet grout. We recommend you remove a small amount of grout and place it on the surface of the tile. Allow it to dry for 24 hours. Then inspect for color match, before installing.

PDF Instructions:

Tile Repair & Replacement Instructions
- If possible, use a replacement tile from the same lot number as your installed floor. Replacement tiles from different lot numbers may vary in finish, texture, shade, color, pattern and sheen.

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Grout Repair & Replacement Instructions
- Freshly installed grout used during the repair process will appear cleaner and brighter when installed next to existing grout. Eventually, the repaired grout line will cure and blend to match existing grout lines.

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Grout Haze Removal Instructions
- Removing grout haze may require several attempts, depending on the severity. Please note: the grout haze removal process is not recommended for regular care and maintenance.

PDF Instructions:

PLEASE NOTE: Finish, texture, shade, color, pattern and sheen variations are normal in glazed porcelain tile and can vary between production lots. For best results, please ensure all tile for your project has been produced from the same lot. Lot numbers are indicated by the barcode on each box of tile.

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