SnapStone® Porcelain Tile Installation Tool Kit

The SnapStone® Installation Toolkit includes the basic hand tools you'll need (other than a cutting instrument) to install your new SnapStone Floating Porcelain Tile Floor...all packed in one small package for your convenience. The toolkit includes the following: Click here to order a tool kit.

The SnapStone Installation Toolkit

SnapStone® Bullnose Finish Pieces

Finish your flooring project with SnapStone® Bullnose Finish pieces available in 3" x 12" & 3" x 18"..
Made with non-interlocking (raw) tile, the Bullnose edge is finished, re-glazed and re-fired.

Tile SizeBullnose Size
6"x6", 12"x12", 6"x24" & 12"x24"3"x12"

Click here to order Bullnose pieces

SnapStone Trims & Transitions

Finish your new SnapStone porcelain tile floor with a "smooth transition."

SnapStone® transitions are available in:
T-Mold pieces to transition from your porcelain floor to another floor surface of equal height.
Reducer pieces to transition from your porcelain floor to a lower floor surface.
Stair Nose pieces to finish your porcelain floor at the end of a stair.

All transition pieces are available in light, medium and dark wood finishes.
Click here to order trims & transitions.

The SnapStone Trims and Transitions

Colored Caulking

While the SnapStone Floating Tile System doesn't include colored caulk, we recommend the colored caulk made by Color Fast Industries. It is manufactured to match the SnapStone Flexible Grout colors.

Raw Tile

All tile colors are available non-interlocking for traditional tile use. Click here to to view our raw tiles.