Technical Specifications

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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

SNAPSTONE® TILE 6" x 6" Tile 12" x 12" Tile 18" x 18" Tile 6" x 24" Tile 12" x 24" Tile
Tiles per carton: 12 5 4 5 4
Square feet per carton: 3 5 9 5 8
Carton weight: 13 lbs 23 lbs 40 lbs 23 lbs 36 lbs
Grout Joint Width: 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 3/16" 3/16"
Cutting: Wet saw, Tile cutter, Angle grinder
Tolerance (Flat and Smooth): For tile with all edges shorter than 15’, maximum allowable variation is 1/4’ in 10' from the required plane, with no more than 1/16’ variation in 12’ when measured from the high points in the surface. For tiles with at least one edge 15’ in length, maximum allowable variation is 1/8’ in 10' from the required plane, with no more than 1/16’ variation in 24’ when measured from the high points in the surface, as indicated by the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) Handbook.
Subfloor Requirement: 5/8" 5/8" 5/8" 5/8" 5/8"
System Thickness: 9/16" 9/16" 9/16" 11/16" 5/8"
Installs over Radiant Heat: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Acceptable Applications: Perfect for nearly every room in your home
Pre-mixed: Yes
Crack Resistant: Yes
Stain Resistant: Yes
Water Resistant: Yes
Sealing Required: No

SnapStone Strength Test Video

The Robinson Test is a standard testing method used for evaluating the robustness of floor tile installation systems over various sub floors, in accordance with sub floor specifications. SnapStone tested to cycle 6 earning a "light commercial" rating over a 3/4" OSB sub-floor, 16" OC. This impressive test rating demonstrates the high level of quality and durability associated with the SnapStone Floating Porcelain Tile.

Condominiums and apartments hold specified requirements for the minimum level of sound insulation maintained by a given flooring unit. The Impact Insulation Class (IIC) Test is one method for measuring this. SnapStone earned a rating of "58," making it perfect for these environments.

SnapStone Floating Porcelain Tile is setting the new standard for performance of porcelain tile. We are constantly seeking to improve our product through ongoing research and development. The following data is excerpted from some of those performance tests:

Moisture absorption (ASTM C373) < .5%
*Coefficient of Friction (DCOF AcuTest, ANSI A137.1) ≥ .42
Break Strength (ASTM C648) > 400 lbs.
Modulus of Rupture (ISO 13006 Group Bla) > 50 B/mm2
Impact Insulation Class (IIC) Rating (ASTM #492) 58

* Coefficient of Friction: All values are for Matte material. No values are given for Polished material. Polished finishes are not recommended in areas subject to exposure from grease, oil, or water.

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