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We believe you need to come up with some sort of trim to go from the tile to carpet or whatever floor you put it against. Installation was very easy to lay out and then just grout and clean.We have used the floor now for a couple of months and I as the housekeeper am very happy with the way it sweeps up and wipes up very easily. We believe the expense was well worth the convenience and the ability to use it over again if we ever had the need.
Name: Milton F.

City: Coon Rapids

State: MN

Tile Color: Beige

Grout Color: Antique White

Pattern Type: Straight

Area of Installation: Kitchen, Dining and Bathrooms

Underlying Sub-floor: Wood, 3/4 tongue and groove

Square Footage: 200 sf

Tile Installation Experience: Minimal

Recommend to a Friend?: Yes

Tips for Installation: None

Easiest Part: Laying the Tile.

Most Challenging Part: Coming up with a trim piece between the tile and the carpet and wiping the grout off while putting it down and after.

Length of Installation: One Day

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